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Blame the Christians



It is speculated that Nero the emperor of Rome actually set the 64 AD fire to Rome for political gain.  He was losing control and in an effort to restore that control of the city he set it on fire.   Of course he was not going to be able to handle the outcry and rebellion that was sure to happen, he needed a scapegoat.  Someone he could say that was causing all the problems.   Not regular people, but those who have self identified as different.  Someone he could blame.

So, without any actual proof, not that he needed any.  When the regular people were suffering and needed to take their pain out on someone.  He gave them the Christians.

The Christians were to blame, he said.  They are the ones that are making it hard for everyone else.  Take your frustrations out on them.  And we will show you how you can make them pay.  Take their land, take their houses, take their money and take their lives.  We will make a mockery and a spectacle of them and their God.

And he used the Apostates of that day to say that they were not following Christ and that if they we good citizens of Rome they would comply with the Roman Laws.  After all didn’t Christ say to love your neighbors?


Fast forward to tomorrow.

A member of one of the largest Baptist Churches in Alabama and the Governor of the state says.  Blame the unvaccinated.  Not the regular people.  It is all because the unvaccinated, that people are suffering. The Vice President of the United States of America says that if you’re not vaccinated you’re not showing the love your neighbor of the Bible or in other words. The unvaccinated hates their neighbors.  The President of the United States of America says that he is going to the door of the unvaccinated to get them vaccinated, Because they are killing people.   And the leader of the Dept of Health say’s that it’s the Governments business to know if you refuse the vaccine. And of course the leader of the Education system in America cannot say if there are more than two different sexes

And, as for the people helping the Government blame the unvaccinated for all the problems.  Look at the Media and the news papers and the (Christian papers) they also say that the unvaccinated hate their neighbors.  And the unvaccinated are causing the regular people to suffer.   They on purpose will ignore the data for the problems with the vaccine.  They refuse to challenge any propaganda from the Government that shows the vaccine is stopping the spread of the virus.  They refuse to ask, how come we are not looking for early treatment for the virus.  When given the opportunity to promote “live saving” information they don’t.





Fast forward to next   ……

The media, including (Christian Media) has promoted the false narrative of the vaccine.  And as the leader of the health department said, the Government has spent trillions on this situation and it’s the Governments business to know who is unvaccinated and where they are located. There will be enough pressure on the majority of the unvaccinated to become vaccinated.  To become “regular folks”.  The the few holdouts, (unvaccinated) will be to blame for all the troubles that are in the world.

The people that refuse to go on a diet will blame the unvaccinated for them getting covid.

The people that refuse to live a healthy lifestyle will blame the unvaccinated for them getting covid.

The people that don’t take any responsibility for their own actions will blame the unvaccinated for them getting covid.

The family member of someone that died from covid will be so distraught that they will want vengeance on whoever the Government say’s is to blame.

The Government will help with identifying those unvaccinated people that are causing trouble by giving everyone a passport to show you’re vaccinated.  And those that are not will need to be punished until they are vaccinated.



Just as God was in control in 64 AD.  He is in control now.

The True Church, the True Worshiper of Christ will come out of this better.  Maybe through death or maybe through persecution, but Christ is always with them.

The modern church, which has been irrelevant for years, will become more irrelevant.  They will stay in their stain glass buildings and continue to vote for baby killers.  They will complain about the newest things taught against America in public school, while not concerned about teaching that the Human Race has evolved from pond scum.  And that God is a fictional Character that their weak-minded parents need.

The Virus will be here forever and it will continue to cause disruptions, because it is designed to do just that.

The vaccine although might lessen the severity of the virus it does not stop the virus. And therefore the virus will always have a hostile environment (in which it can survive) in which to mutate to the next variant.

The majority of the people will allow the Government to be in charge of their health and follow blindly whatever they are told.

The prevention of serious sickness without the vaccine will not be talked about despite being able to cure the virus.

They Government will discover that one of the natural according attributes of the vaccine is a method to know who has the vaccine with a scanner. (spike Protein)

As the Government has disregarded the  antibodies of natural virus infection (which are better than the vaccine antibodies) it is going to continue mandating the vaccine for the purpose of conforming.

The Government will attempt to use the church to break the holdouts.

They need a bridge to have folks seek reliance of the world instead of reliance on God


Every True Christian should be praying right now for this to happen sooner than later.  Without question it is coming.  And if it comes years down the road the number of willing to fight folks, will be so few that there will be no example for others to follow.  The book clearly says that the events of persecutions and self destructions happen for our examples.


And if no one is willing to fight then where is the example.


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