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What has mRNA been used for ( Reversible Immunocontraception Method)

COVID vax is a mRNA

A mRNA has been developed to be a reversible immunocontraception offers a non-hormonal solution, where antisperm antibodies are introduced into the female reproductive tract (FRT) and inhibit sperm function. They have identified an anti-sperm antibody of action that impact fertility, and an innovative method has been identified to deliver the antibody to the FRT. They will use a synthetic mRNA-based approach to deliver their sperm agglutinate and mucus trapping antibody to the FRT.


This was first developed to kill mice by vaccine shed

Now the One World Order wants you to use an mRNA for a sickness that over 99% recover from

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  1. Dorothy Ogden on June 3, 2021 at 8:53 am

    Good way to depopulate don’t you think. This was their main goal, just listen to Bill Gates.

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